Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Radical Islam is the Enemy

SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010

Dennis Prager : Left Is Certain of Tea Partiers' Motives, but Finds Terrorists Inscrutable - The left, including most of the media, seems to look toward the white, Christian, male as the suspect in any terrorist attack, but can't understand that a man who is a Muslim extremist might attack because he is a Muslim extremist. Islam has been spread by the sword since the beginning. The Middle East became Muslim because Islamic armies conquered the region and destroyed all the Christian churches. Radical Islam continues to try and spread their religion by the sword. They tried to blow up Times Square and the media wondered if it was Tea Party people. They have a radical Muslim US Army officer, shouting Islamic slogans as he murdered people and the media seems to think he suffers from some kind of medical condition. We are at war. Radical Islam has declared war on Christianity, on The West, on the United States. It's too bad that those very groups are not fighting back, are not even able to speak the name of the enemy. Radical Islam is our enemy. They are attacking us everyday. We need to fight back and speak the truth about our enemy; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.



Hi, I respect your point of view but do not agree to it, for it is not Islam that is radical. There are certain groups, groomed and nurtured by the West for its own vested interests who have turned their backs to their creators, financiers, trainers and godfathers. Please do not look at the subject emotionally. You cannot close your eyes to the naked truth that is easily accessible on internet about how facts have been distorted to promote the hype of terrorism. Hope you do the justice to logic and analysis. Best wishes. Saalik Siddikki (

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