Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Urgently Wanted - Another Jinnah

A leader is the one who has the ability to get others to follow willingly.  Every family, group, team, organization and country needs a true leader to steer his followers to their destiny or at least keep driving them towards that.
Following are the commonly understood qualities of a leader:

  • Vision
  • Veracity
  • Fairness
  • Modesty
  • Devotion
  • Boldness
  • Creativity
  • Openness
  • Sense of Humor
  • Generosity of spirit etc. etc.  
Keeping these qualities in mind, we fail to see any of the current so called (rather pseudo) political leaders qualifying for being considered a true leader.

Almost each one of them is certainly the leader of his clan, be it political or religious.  Most of the political parties in Pakistan are controlled and run, by these string-pullers, as mafias and clans which they heatedly deny.  Sure, they should.  That is the core modus operandi of managing their dynastic hold on their party’s control, finances and authority of imposing decisions.

Though they cry loud about being democratic, yet their behaviour, lifestyle and decisions speak otherwise.  Whatsoever the truth is, they are master jugglers and we, the people of Pakistan, the best kind of yo-yos.

They live lavishly in their own world of desires, dreams and fantasy and still claim to represent the poor masses.  Hypocrisy, blunt lies and arrogance are their marks of identification.  Their tall claims of having deep roots in the masses are a big slap on their own faces that stirs no disgrace, ignominy and shame in their stony hearts.

Despite this bitter and poisonous truth, we the people of Pakistan cross all limits of emotional (not ideological) loyalties and sacrifice our self-esteem, basic rights, interests and benefits to supply fresh and pure blood to keep these vampires alive.

I am as certain as typing these words that the day Pakistani people realize the secret game of emotional manipulation by these ‘madaarees’, it would be a harbinger of a new dawn on the horizon of this country’s bright future.

People of Pakistan will have to burn the cloak of emotional (political) loyalties with the fire of legitimate but rebellious defiance, for Allah does not change the fate of a nation unless it vies for a change itself.
They will have to stop dancing, like the tamed monkeys, to the tunes of flute of hypocrisy blown by the cheaters, plunderers, looters, embezzlers and traitors.

We, the middle and lower middle class masses, are equally responsible for bringing Pakistan to where it is defamed today as ‘a breeding farm of terrorism’.  The actual breeders came from the Land of Opportunity, used our territories to groom Mujahideen for their own vested and hegemonic interests and successfully claimed the number one slot of the sole Super Power.

We have paid heavily for our emotional attachment, naïve attitude, gratifying complacence and insane tolerance, are still paying and will keep paying for centuries until or unless we confront our own  deceptively nurtured sentimental loyalties.  There is no doubt that the price would be heavier than what we are already paying but the reward would also be invaluable for our future generations.

In a nutshell, it is a matter of regaining our self-esteem that we have mortgaged against euphorically chanting slogans ‘roti, kapRRa aur makaan, Islami musaawaat, jamhooriyat, awaam ki aawaaz, taaqat ka sar-chashma awaam hai’N, aazaadi-e-mazdoor, chaaro’N suboo’N ki zanjeer, sasti roti scheme, sastay ghar, Islami nizaam’ and bla bla bla.


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