Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Tree in Agonizing Pain

Have you ever seen a tree in such a pitiable state of excruciating pain?  If not, please look at this tree and feel the intensity of its agony.  If plants and trees can communicate with each other, why can't they express their feelings of joy and pain.

There have been reports in the past that people helped plants in their growth by speaking sweet words to them and developing a strong rapport as friends.  Apparently we have no reason for not believing them as plants and trees are also amongst the most amazing organisms that The Creator has blessed us with.

Some people were shocked to see this photo when I posted it on my photography blog on 12-29-09.  I guess it was because most of us do not have time to look around and watch nature.  

The above photo was taken in Jinnah Bagh (previously Lawrence Garden, Lahore).  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people go there everyday to spend time alone or with family and friends, to find solace or a dating partner.  They enjoy the cooling and soothing shadows of huge trees, some of which are witness to every single moment of twentieth century, but none pays attention to the trees that are standing there absorbing all the heat from the scorching sun of Lahori summer.

First I passed by the tree after taking enough snaps for the day, then I felt a signal knocking at my subconscious mind and turned back.  I recalled that I had been in the vicinity of that tree for quite awhile and nothing seemed unusual, at least to my angle of vision.  I moved around the tree making three four circles and was shocked to see the tree, just a moment before clicking the shutter, as you see in this photo. I don't know whether I saw it like this a few moments ago or might have overlooked.  Now I am sure that the tree transmitted very strong distress signals that my subconscious mind received.  I patted the tree for a few moments to discover onlookers curiously smiling at me.

Anyway the photo of this tree in agonizing pain speaks all for itself. 

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