Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mass Communications minus Writers?

I have no exact idea just how many students are studying Mass Communications in various educational institutions throughout Pakistan.  However, one thing I am sure about is the bitter truth that majority of these students does not have a clear direction to move on after completing their post-graduation.  Most of them look forward to the lady luck to get them any job in a newspaper or a private television channel. This is simply to have a standing space in the crowded field of print and electronic media.

I got this impression last year when, finding a way to get out of the cul-de-sac of hopelessness and fight back very severe suicidal depression, I requested a Punjab University professor to arrange my meeting with the head of the department of Mass Communications.  I happened to have a mere two minute walk-talk with the gentleman as he was hurriedly leaving out to attend an important meeting.

I explained to him in two minutes that I had created a blog especially for young Pakistani writers and would like his students to write articles, in English, on any topic they deem appropriate.  To my surprise and chagrin, his quick response was "I have already tried my level best to persuade them but these naughtiest creatures are not willing to test their potential".  I requested him to please let me talk to the students directly, to which his last reply was that I should place a sort of invitation on the notice board and he would ask them to write something for my blog.

That was my first and last meeting with him, (I hope to see him soon again) for I decided to work on other ideas.

What I concluded from his one minute talk is that most of these students have not set any preferred directions for future working. Being students of Mass Communications means they all are studying their syllabi in English and it is not possible to skip notes-taking and notes-writing during their tenure of studies.  Why then, I have failed to understand, do they not develop the habit of writing?  Why do they not create personal blogs to express their feelings, thoughts, observation and daily life experiences?  And, if they do, why do they not collectively create a website to share their views with the rest of the world?

It really hurts me when I do not see Pakistani young creative writers on internet and those have blogs or websites do not promote it passionately.  I am rather more dismayed that even most of their teachers do not seem to be interested in creating blogs and websites on the pretext of shortage of time.

Of course there is nothing wrong in aiming for a job after completing education, but there is also no wisdom in not trying to find the limits of God's greatest blessing, the creative mind.  Hundreds of thousands of people with no educational or family backgrounds of Mass Communication or creative writing are expressing and sharing their feelings and thoughts with the rest of the world through their blogs. And I am sanguine these young men and women can create much better and useful pieces of writing only if they set certain goals to achieve and directions to follow.  

I do not think that all the parents can play any role, but all the teachers certainly can encourage their students to explore the possibilities of writing on subjects of their individual interests.  They can achieve exceptional results by holding frequent writing contests and ensuring that selected writings are published in local newspapers and alternatively on various blogs and websites.

Maybe some day someone takes it up as a challenge and do something about it.  It is not possible without setting directions, taking actions and aiming at success.



  1. Mr. saalik, you seem to be a bit naive about the demands of today's life. The youth you are talking about are under severe pressure from their parents to put their share of pie in the bread and butter for their families. Please excuse them if they do not force them into the habit of writing. Gull Bakht

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