Monday, May 24, 2010

Conquering Depression As a God's Warrior

Losing business, job, a loved one, broken relationships, a serious disease or any other setback in life could make a person tense and eventually trigger depressive feelings.

The full-blown depression is a series of episodes of a number of symptoms that occur frequently or infrequently for some time and for different reasons.

These symptoms range from the feelings of being neglected, failed, abandoned, lost, maltreated, used, abused, degraded, insulted, humiliated and hated.  Some or all of these feelings consequently result in different apparent symptoms like:

Feeling Guilty
Seeking Solitude
Extreme Lethargy
Insomnia or Increased Sleep
A Sudden Urge to Weep or Cry
Detachment from Social Activities
No Hunger or Excessive Hunger
Loss or Increase in Weight
Lack of Interest in Life
Suicidal Thoughts

If and when any of the above or similar symptoms appears, a lot depends on the person who experiences these negative emotions and thoughts and equally on those who are close to him/her like family, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

The victim of depression can handle the crisis if he/she has some prior knowledge about it and realizes the effectiveness and importance of positive thinking.

It is normally advised by the experts that if any five of the above symptoms keep disturbing a person for about two weeks, he/she must consult with the family doctor or a specialist and seek help.

However, if the victim does not feel comfortable with doctors or psychiatrists and symptoms persist, he/she can get rid of it through different methods tested and applied by many individuals. 

The writer is also one of those exceptional people who fall victim to the severe type of suicidal depression, due to total loss of investment in business that resulted in immediate bankruptcy. 

In case of not taking any psychiatric treatment and medication, the victim of depression can certainly overcome it through the following surefire strategies:

Be the warrior of God

Rest assured that The Creator loves you more than anyone else in the whole universe.  What He simply wants is to see you face the challenges of life like a brave warrior.  Looking at things with this angle of vision means that you have got to fight back as a warrior of God to defeat hyper tension and depression.

God loves to see you stand up on your own like parents enjoy their crawling baby to learn standing up in spite of falling again and again.
If you understand this reality, your triumph over depression is definite.

Be positive to the extent of obduracy

This tendency is the most powerful weapon not only against depression but any crisis in life.  Obduracy, here, does not mean to be rigid to logic or reality.  It is, in fact, standing firm on your grounds and never let the negative feelings overwhelm you at any cost.

Such obduracy reinforces your resistance against the flood of negative thoughts and emotions that tend to destroy your personal integrity and devastate your self-confidence.

Discover your strengths through self-talk

Self-talk is not an expression of abnormal behaviour.  You will find it most energizing in times of crisis.  The easiest way to explore your inner strengths and vigor is to talk to you at length.  And remember, it is not necessary that you speak words loudly.  You would be communicating with your inner self and the best method of this communication is through deeper thoughts.  Loud words would rather cause a distraction. 

Self talk is close to meditation, but it is not meditation.  You have to be fully awake and aware of your surroundings. You may feel your conscious self standing face to face with the unconscious mind. 

Such an exercise requires very strong conviction in the legitimacy, genuineness and validity of what you are going to do.  The faintest shadow of doubt could cause cracks in your belief and derail your train of thoughts.

Engage yourself in some activity obsessively

What I have learnt from my personal encounter with a suicidal depression is that the quicker you create a long break between two consecutively occurring negative thoughts, the sooner you get out of the sphere of negative energy.  And if you despise taking medicine like me, it is only possible through getting yourself engaged in any positive activity you are obsessed with.

A deep involvement in any activity whether it is reading, playing some sport, internet browsing, writing or doing some creative work, widens the gap between two bombarding negative thoughts to devastate your personal integrity and will power to overcome the nerve-shattering depression.

I discovered that initially an objective internet surfing and lately blogging kept me so much engaged that I forgot, though for some time, all of my problems, tensions and crisis.  Staying at my computer for longer hours, rather for the who day and whole night except sleeping hours, widened the space between negative thoughts and gave me incredible relief from depressive and negative thoughts.

Keep thinking about the most loved person (s)

This most loved person could be any one from your mother, father, spouse, children, brother, sister or some friend.  There should definitely be at least one single person on earth that you care about.  The one whose peace of mind prevents you from doing anything wrong that could hurt him emotionally, physically or spiritually. 

My depression and disgustingly negative behaviour of some people pushed me to the brink of mental collapse that ultimately results in committing undesirable acts.  I felt myself on the edge of hurting myself or those who were deliberately or unconsciously pushing me into the quagmire of desperation.  I wish they could realize the intensity of the pressure of circumstances from my angle of vision.

Every time I felt close to committing something that I could never have a chance to regret, I thought about my dear daughters.  I do not need any certificate of appreciation from any one, but the truth is my third powerful weapon against the suicidal depression was my love for my daughters.

Push yourself beyond your own limits

Compose all of your energies and strengths to become an aggressive and intense force against the negative emotions and thoughts.  There are very few people who push themselves beyond their own limits and gain victory over all the odds.

You are no exception.  It is a tragedy that you are not aware of your own potential strengths and perhaps it is so because no one has every told you to do so.

Ok, stand up now, and make up your mind, with an unwavering determination to not ever surrender to unfavourable circumstances under any conditions.

The moment you do so, God will express His pleasure with a big wide smile!

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