Monday, July 19, 2010

An XL Pamper for Krishna !

First read the following blog post by an Indian blogger who writes about himself :

'A hopeless dreamer, a restless spirit and a wandering soul. Wear lot of things on my sleeve...put my heart where my mouth is and seek answers to questions yet to be asked ' 

Taking a serious view of Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s attempt to kill Indo-Pak talks at the behest of Pakistani Army, Indian government has dispatched a pacifier to Pakistani government. The Indian government has asked its Pakistani counterpart to use the pacifier to mute the hippo-mouthed whiner Qureshi, before the clueless foreign minister displays more belligerence and petulance and does more harm to his country’s already battered image in the international community.

“That Qureshi is an embarrassment to everyone. He behaves like a small kid and whines like there is no tomorrow, as and when he feels his country’s position is weak. He is an overgrown kid, who doesn’t know how to behave in a matured way before an august crowd. We have asked Pakistani government to use this pacifier to silence the man, so that foreign secretaries from both nations can talk without being interrupted by the whining minister. We have also offered to send one of our best psychiatrists to treat the man,” a senior foreign affairs ministry official told Humor Unplugged over a Skype chat.

Indian government sources have also confirmed that India is sending another pacifier to silence Pakistani army chief Gen Kayani. Meanwhile Pakistani officials have confirmed the receipt of the pacifier and said that they will comment on the development at a suitable time. Qureshi meanwhile was unable to comment as the loudmouth was using the pacifie

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Very nice but kiddish gesture of understanding the gist of the affairs by the Indian Government.

I suggest Pakistani government to send a full pack of best pampers in XL size that are available here for S. M. Krishna so that when the stomach-disturbed guy comes to Islamabad for negotiations, he does not have to go out himself or to send someone else, God or Bhagwan knows, for what.

Perhaps there is an acute shortage of pampers in India due to massive increase in population.  Good opportunity of exporting pampers to India.

Note: Thank Lord, at least I am not a hopeless dreamer!

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