Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hi Friends, I'm back but Kim Peek departs - I Mourn

I myself have been through the worst inner battle of my life during the last two months which was the only reason of my absence from http://www.facebook.com/saalik.siddikki and my couple of blogs. It is just like returning from the edge of INSANITY. Details later.

Last week a Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy died at the tender age of 32. Her death might have hurt millions. I just noticed some pain in her eyes in a photo on yahoo. Later her mother said she was on medication. That's all. Many join the majority everyday and leave no impact on many of us. But Kim Peek's death has forced my tears roll down. I read about him and saw him only in videos but I do feel as if someone very close to my heart has departed. I really do mourn his death. He was a living miracle of The Almighty Creator. The most amazing personality of recent times.
Peek was an amazing autistic person, a savant with a remarkable memory and inspired writer Barry Morrow when he wrote "Rain Man," the 1988 movie that won four Academy Awards. Rain Man inspired Bollywood to produce Amir Khan's "Ghajni".

He was nick-named Kimputer. I watched so many of his videos. The last one a couple of days ago on YouTube. "It was just unbelievable, all the things that he knew," Fran Peek, Kim's father said Monday. "He traveled 5,500 miles short of 3 million air miles and talked to nearly 60 million people — half have been students."

In his later years, Peek was classified as a "mega-savant" who was a genius in about 15 different subjects, from history and literature and geography to numbers, sports, music and dates. But his motor skills were limited; he couldn't perform some simple tasks like dressing himself. I wish I had met him once. The world is yearning for another Kim Peek. God bless your soul Kim Peek.

Look around, you may find one like him!