Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A bunch of insanes!

A news item on Shahid Afridi's selection as a captain:
ISLAMABADFormer Test Captain Zaheer Abbas was stunned by the decision to appoint Shahid Afridi as captain especially for the Tests.

He said the selectors should have given more thought on the captaincy issue.
“The move is a big gamble and could backfire as the all-rounder was not a regular in the five-day side,” Abbas said while talking to APP on Wednesday.
“I am really surprised at the board’s decision because he has not played a Test in the last four years,” he said. “It is a strange decision and one that could badly backfire because Shahid (Afridi) has not been a regular Test player and his last Test was in 2006. So how can the board give him the captaincy for two very tough series against Australia and England,” he said.
 (The Express Tribune)

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Whatever additional arguments PCB has up its sleeves, the whole bunch of money minters sitting there cannot justify Shahid Afridi’s selection. His disgusting and psychosomatic act of chewing the ball, in Australia, is the most lamentable stigma and disgrace that he has tagged with the name of Pakistan for good.

And then Afridi’s evading answer as to why he did so is the one big reason that he should not have been declared as a captain.
I do not accuse PCB’s chairman out of any biased sentiments, but a real probe must be carried out to determine just how much of Afridi’s earnings would be shared with the elephantine Butt.
There seems not something ‘kala kala in daal, the whole dall rather looks kaali kaali’
What can people of Pakistan expect from an insane chairman of PCB, selected and protected by another insane surrounded with insane stooges, to hand over the reins of captaincy to a confirmed insane and perhaps the only one in the history of cricket who was caught madly and insanely chewing the ball, on live cameras.

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