Monday, May 31, 2010

Power of Negative Thinking with Positive Attitude

Let God Fill the Empty Space

It goes without saying that a positive thinker sees the glass half filled whereas a negative thinker sees it half empty.

Oh, suppose you have a half filled glass, what now?  Should you keep it half filled and half empty and for how long?

The day before yesterday I was sitting with a friend.  I was drinking my cold drink from a bottle using straw.  My friend had his drink poured in an imported glass.  He had already finished half of his drink when his young niece, about 4, came over, picked the glass and finished the drink.

We both watched her silently and hoped that she would leave now, but she did not.  Instead, she asked his uncle, my friend, to fill it again for her!  My friend’s sister came, grabbed the kid’s hand and took her away.  But, the story did not end there.  We completed our talk and I returned home.

Now while I am typing this article, a half filled glass of water on my desktop CPU has arrested my attention.  It is factually this glass of water that has triggered me to initiate writing this article.

I am still thinking about the kid.  Why did she ask my friend to re-fill the glass?  Very simple, she felt that she could drink more.  I don’t know whether she got a re-filled glass or not but, that little rascal taught me a great lesson that I would like to share with you.

My understanding the matter is that if we have a half-filled glass, we should not remain complacent with it.  We should rather try to empty it as fast as we can and think about how to re-fill it again, of course legitimately!

The Creator has set a definite example for us to follow.  And that is the process of evolution which confirms that everything is on the move towards a certain level of growth.  I have been sitting in my chair, before my computer, for the last two hours but, in reality, I have moved 7200 seconds ahead of where I was 120 minutes ago. 

Time is not the same at 1:15 A.M. where it was at 11:15 P.M.  The air is not the same, neither the temperature nor the humidity.  Even my aura must have undergone many changes during this short span of time.  And the age of the whole universe has also decreased (or increased) by two hours and moved further closer to the dooms day.   

So, our state of being complacent with the half filled glass does not mean that everything has come to a standstill.  It is rather us who have remained behind by not finishing the glass and seeking more to re-fill it.  Our complacence solely means one thing that we do not have a desire, a passion or obsession to achieve more in life.

Just imagine what would happen if all the people, since the arrival of Adam and Eve on this earth, would act complacently?  We would still be living in the prehistoric age looking for huge leaves to cover our bodies and exploring caves for a save overnight sleep.

What will happen if we change our angle of vision to that of negative thinkers?  I am still watching my half empty glass and thinking to finish it quickly.  Here I go; the half filled glass is fully empty.  Now it is impossible for me to continue writing.  So, I am going to refill it again but this time with something better like cold milk. 

Oh, please wait.  I won’t leave your thirst for learning unquenched.  The conclusion of all this talk is that if we do not empty our half filled glass, we may not think about refilling it with something better.  Does it also imply that people given half filled glass are actually blessed with a stronger passion to find ways to re-fill it?  I think this is what God likes them to do.

Whatever you possess, physically, intellectually or spiritually, just consume it and share it with others so that God conceives a better idea of how to fill the space again and with something better.  This is also a kind of attitude of gratitude for what we are blessed with and a surefire way to further growth in every sense of the word.

Your learning something and sharing it with others or earning money and spending it on the neediest ones means you put yourself before God in a position where He does not leave the empty space unfilled.  It is against His own system. Try the formula and be gratified.

The power of negative thinking also works this way.

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