Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nawaz against involving Saudis in Pakistan’s politics

Thursday, September 03, 2009 LAHORE: PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has reiterated his commitment that they would not become part of any conspiracy for destabilising a political government in an undemocratic manner. He said the ongoing campaign for the last one week would neither produce desirable results nor benefit anyone. Nevertheless, he avoided blaming anybody. Addressing a press conference at the Chief Minister Secretariat on Wednesday, Nawaz Sharif expressed his ignorance about the agenda of former president Pervez Musharraf during his visit to Saudi Arabia. He said Saudi Arabia was a sincere friend of Pakistan but it would be better for us not to involve it in our internal affairs. He said he would visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah and if they discussed Musharraf’s issue with him, he would see how to deal with it. He claimed that the problems would not be resolved through linking the 17th Amendment with the entire constitutional package. He was of the view that if the PPP was feeling any threat for holding trial of Musharraf, they were prepared to face the brunt. He said Pakistan was in the phase of constitutional crisis and it would have been better on the part of political parties to sit together and repeal amendments introduced by a dictator in the Constitution through 18th and 19th amendments. He said we were unfortunately once again reverting to traditional politics and were not holding trial of former president Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 in the light of prevailing scenario. He said the people and judiciary in Pakistan had acted upon the ‘charter of democracy’ but the parliament was keeping mum. He said that after February elections the entire nation was jubilant that they had got rid of a dictator and the PML-N was also hopeful that the things would be done in accordance with ‘charter of democracy’. He said CoD was very clear on the appointment of judges and there was no mentioning of the role of the president, prime minister, governor or the chief minister in it but this was not being followed. He said the failure of government was being considered as failure of democracy. He said the PML-N was prepared to accommodate the constitutional package if it was taken up after repealing the 17th Amendment. He said if the repealing of 17th Amendment would be linked with the constitutional package, which would be referred to 28 members committee; it would further complicate the situation. Nawaz deplored that Pakistan was under immense pressure from IMF. He said the petroleum prices in the international market were dipping while our government had announced increase in it. He was of the view that the situation in Balochistan would not be improved till the time the dictator was not held accountable. He said he did not recognise minus one formula and if the PPP and the PML-N paid respect to one another’s mandate, they would close the chapter of martial laws. He said they did not want to do politics of confrontation because they wanted to develop this country and resolve problems of 170 million people of Pakistan. Source : The News International

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