Friday, September 4, 2009

Pakistan is stealing money from US and Saudi Arabia in the name of Taliban

Abdul Hamid Khan, Chairman of Balawaristan National Front, a pro-liberation group in Pakistan administered Kashmir knows a lot about Pakistan’s Taliban deals. He said in an interview in New Delhi something that the international communities must listen and understand. A cold war is on between Saudi Arabia and America. Although Saudis are so called friend of the United States, they are sending billions pf dollars to Pakistan to aid the Talibans. Pakistan in essence is extorting money from Saudis to protect and help Talibans. On the other hand, the same Pakistani Government is taking money from the United States to destroy Taliban. The reality is that Pakistan is showing some actions against Taliban just to keep the Americans happy. They are stealing money from both the Americans and the Saudis in the name of Talibans. The money is going straight into the foreign bank accounts of prominent Pakistani Government officials, Military Generals, ISI officials and so on. It is a money game that Pakistan is involved in. All that matters to Pakistani leaders is filling up their bank accounts from the money received from the Saudis to protect the Talibans and the dollars received from US to destroy Talibans. Source : India Daily

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