Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Reality Check about Blogging for Money

by Darren Rowse : Last week’s article in the Wall Street Journal revealed that my blog earnings are in excess of $250,000 per year (a very ballpark figure). The problem with these type of articles is that they report in a few words just one element of a story - in this case my earnings. While it’s true that I have built my blogging to a point where I’m able to earn good money blogging there are many things that an article like the one in the WSJ didn’t (and couldn’t) mention about how I was able to build my blogging up to this point. The impact of this missing ‘back story’ is that much of the reality of blogging for money goes unseen by those looking at blogging as a potential income stream - leading some to naively enter into blogging with false expectations. Of course when these expectations are not met things can get ugly with disappointment and anger being a common reaction. What disappoints me as a blogger writing on this topic is that I regularly see other bloggers feeding their readers with hype and false hopes about how easy it is to make big money from blogging. This only adds to the distance between their reader’s expectations and the reality of blogging for money. The Reality of Blogging for Money So what is the reality of building up one’s blogging to a point where they can make a full time living blogging? Here are five facts that I’d like to share about my own story to give a more realistic picture to those considering getting into blogging as a way to make a living. 1. It takes a concerted long term effort I have been blogging for five years. The first year was not for money in any way (although I learned a lot about blogging in that year) and the next two I worked 2-3 jobs at a time (and was studying part time) while I built my blogging up from a hobby, to part time job to a full time venture (more on my story here). I’m often asked things like - ‘I need to make $xxxx in the next few months - how would you do it with a new blog?’ The average age of blogs in the Technorati Top 100 was over 3 years when I last surveyed it - while the occasional blogger has a fast rise to frame they are the exception. Building a successful blog takes a long time (it takes time to build readership, to work out how to monetize it etc) so take a long term approach and pace yourself. 2. It takes luck I won’t speak for other bloggers but in my case I was very fortunate on many fronts. I started blogging at a good time (it was a lot less crowded and competitive back then). I stumbled on making money from blogs quite accidentally I started my first money making blog on the spur of the moment and picked a topic (digital photography) without knowing what I was doing - but for the time it was right) I met the right people at the right time Bigger bloggers discovered me at opportune times The lucky list could go on - but I was very lucky. Of course some people ‘make their own luck’ and to some extent I agree with this - there are ways to increase your chances of being lucky - but some of it is outside your hands. Sometimes the luck comes and sometimes it doesn’t. 3. It takes a lot of work There’s been a lot of talk lately about how blogging less can mean more from your blog (example 1 and example 2). While I agree with this - that doesn’t mean you can just come up with a few posts on a whim every few days and expect the traffic (and money) to come rolling in. Over the last 3 years I’ve consistently worked 40-60+ hour weeks on my blogging. At one point I was posting 20-30 posts per day (mainly news related posts back then). Most bloggers that make a full time living from blogging work corresponding hours on it. 4. Many don’t make much money blogging I’ve often used the analogy of Professional sports people to highlight that in any ‘game’ there are many who play it - less who make a little money from the game, even less who are able to earn a living from it (just) and just a small group who make big money from it. The same is true for bloggers. I’ve run many polls here at ProBlogger on how much people are earning from the medium (eg) and on every single occasion they reveal that the vast majority of bloggers are making very little per month. While it is possible to make amazing money from blogging the sad reality is that most don’t make more than pocket money. Even some blogs who ‘deserve’ to make money blogging don’t. 5. It’s hard One thing that I’ve found to be common with when I had small/new blogs and now having blogs that are doing reasonably well is that in both instances it can be really hard to keep them going. The pressure to keep coming up with fresh ideas, to respond to critique of others, to deal with jealousy when others do well and more can be difficult to deal with. On some levels it gets easier to deal with as your blog grows - but on other levels the demands that you face from a larger readership can at times be overwhelming. Most bloggers that I know (big and small) have at one point or another been close to giving up - I know I have. Feeling Depressed? I don’t want to put a downer on those of you wanting to take your blogs to a level where you could make good money from blogging - the fact is that it is possible and and increasing number of people are making a part time or full time living from the medium - but I do think it’s important to have a realistic picture before getting into blogging for money. While some bloggers do talk about blogging as a way to make quick money I’ve not had that experience myself. Perhaps others do get rich quick from blogging - but I’ve not met any successful bloggers who’ve told me that yet. Source :

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