Thursday, September 3, 2009

US fears on AQ Khan’s release baseless: Pakistan

Thursday, 03 Sep, 2009 07:34 PM PST ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday once again made it clear that minimum nuclear defense deterrence will be maintained at all costs urging US reservations regarding nuclear proliferation after lifting restrictions on nuclear sientist Dr Qadeer Khan are totally baseless and fabricated. 'Recent US reservations on Dr Abdul Qadeer and nuclear proliferation are quite baseless. Pakistan like any other responsible country is commited to its obligations,’ Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said during a weekly-press briefing in Foreign Office on Thursday. The spokesman said that Pakistan does not want an arms race in the region. Responding to a query regarding Mumbai investigations, the spokesman said Pakistan is serious in taking those responsible to the book; while, the dossier recently delivered to Pakistan by India is same as the previous one. Regarding Pakistan's nuclear assets, the FO spokesman again made it clear that they are absolutely in safe hands adding Pakistan is a responsible state stressing our ‘Export Control Act’ is established on a comprehensive basis. On a question concerning the Kerry-Lugar Bill, he said that the bill is for a period of five years, according to it 7.5 billion dollars will be provided to Pakistan. He said that the Bill can be extended for another five years. The spokesman said Pakistan is keeping a close watch on the issue of Dr Aafia Sadiqi adding full legal assistance is being provided to her. He said that government is bearing all expenses like fees of defense counsel and other expenditures taking place. He said that we have raised the issue with US Officials regarding forceful search of Dr Aafia. He further said that two students have arrived to Pakistan from UK while the rest are under the custody of the British Border Agency. He said that the hearing of their case will take place next March. In response to another question, the foreign office spokesman said that India has not confirmed or given an answer regarding a foreign secretaries meeting, adding that the place and date has not been decided yet. He pointed out that any comprehensive Pak-India dialogue process is highly significant for restoring peace in South Asia adding the negotiation table is the only solution to settle all outstanding issues. Source : Dawn

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