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No ordinary woman - From Fiji Island

By MERESEINI MARAU Monday, September 07, 2009
FULORI Rainibogi is no ordinary woman.
At 50 years old, this Nakorovatu woman from Matailobau in Naitasiri is the leader of 175 police officers, two police stations and seven police posts in the Sigatoka Police District. She is the acting officer in charge of Sigatoka district.
Acting Assistant Superintendent Rainibogi is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a policewoman and a leader.
With all those responsibilities on her shoulders, ASP Rainibogi has a lot on her plate. But this down to earth woman from the mountains believes she can handle all that through the strength she's acquired from above.
When she was called to serve in the Salad Bowl of Fiji, ASP Rainibogi was reminded of the Bible verse- Isaah 6: 8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send and who will go for me?'. I said send me".
While her superior gave her one week to consider her new post, ASP Rainibogi instantly accepted it and said she was ready.
For her, serving the community always comes first.
She is always ready to help those who seek a helping hand.
ASP Rainibogi said being posted to Sigatoka was like going back home.
"I spent my primary school days here in Sigatoka," she said.
Her father, a retired policeman, spent some years serving there.
"I was raised by my grandparents, I came straight from my grandparents in the village to be with my parents," she said.
"But I really missed my grandparents so I returned to the village."
ASP Rainibogi attended Vunidawa District School, Naitasiri High School and then Ratu Sukuna Memorial School.
It was while staying in the village after school that she decided to follow her father's footsteps. And her dream was confirmed when her father called her up and told her to go for a police recruitment drive.
She recalled having to cross the Wainimala River to get to Suva for the recruitment. "Getting to Suva was not easy," she said. "
We came in a boat from the one side of the river to get to the road."
But it was worth every effort when she was one of those selected to join the force.
ASP Rainibogi started off as a constable.
After 28 years of dedicating herself to the force, her contributions were finally recognised when she was promoted to sergeant in 2005.
She never dreamt of being where she is now.
"I just keep working, my primary goal is to provide service to the community." she said.
ASP Rainibogi said that "maybe if I was going for the promotions, I would not have lasted".
"For me I just keep working," she said.
"And I know this has brought me through over the years."
Although she has never been on any overseas mission, the soft-spoken mother of three has served in all sections of the force - operations, administration and community.
She is now serving in her fourth division after having served at CPS in Suva, Labasa, Korovou and Police Headquarters.
Apart from her police duties, ASP Rainibogi is a family-oriented person.
"My family is always there," she said. " I know I have an important role to play in my family's life."
ASP Rainibogi is married to Isireli Rainibogi, a former soldier of Vuo in Labasa.
They have three children one daughter and two sons and a grandson.
While Mr Rainibogi is away in Iraq, ASP Rainibogi knows she has to be a father and a mother to their children.
Their eldest daughter Ateca is married and lives with her family, her youngest Jone is at home with her.
Her middle child Apenisa is with the Youth with a Mission organisation in Australia.

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