Friday, September 4, 2009

Big thighs beat heart disease

THUNDER-thighed women run less risk of having a HEART ATTACK, doctors have revealed. Beyonce-style chunky upper legs help ward off coronary disease and premature death, researchers discovered. Those who envy skinny-legged women like Victoria Beckham - with thighs measuring less than 60cm - were found to be in BETTER shape if they want to live longer. Measuring up ... target is 60cm-plus The findings were unveiled in the British Medical Journal after Danish experts spent more than ten years analysing men and women's body shapes. Professor Berit Heitmann - who led the painstaking research - insisted he was not pulling the legs of the millions of women who hate their beefy thighs. He declared: "A low thigh circumference seems to be associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease, or premature death." The professor admitted the reasons were unclear - although the bodies of those with skinny thighs were found to produce less insulin. Lack of the hormone not only causes diabetes but increases the risk of damage to the heart. Lifestyles Prof Heitmann's team at the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Copenhagen tracked 3,000 individuals for a decade - also monitoring their diets and lifestyles. In both sexes thighs under 60cm in circumference increased the threat of heart troubles. The results follow research pointing to apple-shaped people - those who store weight round the middle - also having an increased likelihood of heart attacks. Regular leg exercises to beef up the thighs could soon be recommended by doctors for those at risk. Prof Heitmann said: "The adverse effects of small thighs might be related to too little muscle mass in the region." He said GPs would be wise to keep an eye on patients' thighs. The professor explained: "Thigh circumference might be a relevant measure to help them in early identification of individuals at an increased risk of premature morbidity and mortality." Source : The Sun

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