Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stop humiliating the masses now!

Mr. Prime Minister
Mr. President
Mr. Chief Minister, Punjab

Look at these innocent faces and then look at yourself in the mirror of poisonous truth.  None of you has the courage to tender resignation because there is no safer heaven for you to take solace than the echelons of power and security paid for through sweat and blood and lives of these poor masses.

If sasti roti is the only solution to the problems faced by the poor masses, then please divert all the provincial resources to make sasti roti available to every single person of lower and middle classes.

The 22 billion rupee question is what to do with a sasti roti if there is no daal sabzi (lentils and vegetables)  available for meals?  Had this huge amount of Rs.22 billion been spent on setting up well-equipped technical training centres, both in urban and rural areas, hundreds of semi-skilled and skilled workers would not only be earning rizq-e-halaal to make the both ends meet but also decreasing the ever-increasing percentage of unemployment in the country.

Rs.22 billion have gone down the drain, in the real sense of the word and also took with it the so-hyped-up wisdom, patriotism and vision of the Chief Minister.  

And where is Benazir Support programme that is also an insult to poorest masses who are said to receive Rs.600-700 out of Rs.1000!  What a way to pay tribute to your shaheed and mohtarma leader!

Sasti Roti zinda baad.  Rana Sanaaullah zinda-baad......

Benazir Support programme zinda baad.  Fauzia Wahab and Faisal Raza Abidi zinda-baad......

Poor masses sharminda-baad......

Show off, dialogue and hypocritical sympathy with voters is just an eyewash and the only divine job that every stooge of the present federal and provincial governments, at all levels, is doing and doing it very well to please his/her Master.  But, for how long will this drama be repeated without feeling any shame?  For how long?

The volcanic eruption of people's avenging emotions, tolerance and ignorance resulting in a bloody revolt may still take a decade or two to explode.  It will happen.  That is the fate of this nation.  And time will tell what the fate of these worst-than-uniformed-dictators democratic politicians and their children would be.

Keep inflating your Swiss accounts, keep doing money-laundering, keep buying expensive properties in London, keep enjoying luxurious lifestyle in self-exile paid by your loyal party workers, keep minting money through huge deals of diesel so that the rubble of your empires could become majestic and huge graves for your burial !

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  1. I believe we the people of Pakistan are responsible why we elected these looters when we know that they are corrupt why do we vote for them and elect them to kill us.

    Anyways It is indeed a sad incident no word to express my grief