Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Blood relations are created by God; you do not do anything except being used as a tool.  Yet, you can make these relations either the best or the worst.  You just cannot break the string that connects you with a blood relationship.

Friendships are established because you and they feel a bit safer in each other's company.  The moment one person feels insecure, in any sense of the word, friendship starts taking a rollercoaster ride until the other person or some third one realizes the danger and switches off the power of negative emotions.  Sometimes it works, sometimes does not.

Acquaintances are encounters that occur on sidewalks, bus-stops, in parties and gatherings, during travels or while you are out for shopping.  Sometimes the status of these relationships remains so for years and years on without knowing much about the other persons.  And you don’t have to announce a break-up either.  No tension, no grudge and no regrets. 

Rivalries are the result of clash of egos and whoever sacrifices his/her ego first, wins the battle earlier.  This is what I have extracted from my experiences, observations and distorted mind!

Better avoid feeding emotions that grow into a rivalry.  It makes your life easier and itching-free.

LOVE is a passion that does not pop-out abruptly from nowhere.  It is always in your genes just awaiting to be expressed at the most appropriate moment and to the most fitting person. Rest is simply fiction created to popularize stories, novels and movies.

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