Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garbage Shit of Nonsense by Netanyahu

A news item in the Express Tribune today:


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed regret after at least nine people died when troops stormed ships carrying aid for Gaza.

Netanyahu claimed that the soldiers had been defending themselves after they were “clubbed, beaten and stabbed”.
. . . . . . . . .

Oh, what an excuse Mr. Netanyahu?  Though it is garbage-shit of nonsense for the free world to believe yet, if we accept this claim, how do you suggest the people on Freedom Flotilla should have reacted to the assault by your butchers, I mean soldiers?  They are trained to fight good, to assault good but also to kill innocent people, children and women like butchers too.

Now, accepting your claim that the soldiers had been defending themselves, will a unified attack, on Israel, by the neighbouring Islamic countries be justified on the pretext of defending their citizens, their Palestinian brothers and sisters who are suffering hardships because of your government's inhumane attitude and policies (though these States would not even be thinking about it in their dreams and they should not either) in any sense of the phrase?

I suggest Pakistan must have open diplomatic relations with Israel so that we could at least lodge our protest officially with them.  

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