Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Halo, Mr. Chief Minister!


Another news item in the Express Tribune today:

LAHORE: In an audacious attack, four terrorists entered the emergency ward at Jinnah hospital near midnight and began firing indiscriminately, killing 12 people, including four policemen. The terrorists then took patients, attendants and hospital staff hostage. The terrorists later fled.

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I agree to a reader Tanzeel’s point of view:

Had Punjab Government used little brains and kept that high profile terrorist in Military Hospital instead of General, 12 precious lives would not have lost.

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This is my comment that I wrote online prior to Tanzeel’s:

I hold Punjab government responsible for it because knowing the nature of crime these terrorists committed in Model Town and Garhi Shahu, the injured terrorist Muaz should not have been kept in Jinnah Hospital. Or, if there was no other option, then a disinformation on his whereabouts could have been released as a tactic.
The I.G. police, provincial Home Minister and the Chief Minister are all bound to justify this blunder on television channels so that we, the voters, could know the strategies and calibre of our senior officers, ministers and leaders.
It is a very common practice of our police, particularly Punjab police, to show the accused culprits on electronic media with their faces excessively, rather hurriedly covered. We never know whether these accused are actual criminals or not. How come the Punjab police complacently ignored the presumption that there could not be a possible attempt by the terrorists to rescue or even kill their injured accomplice?
We sympathize with the families of the dead including the policemen but, whoever is responsible for putting people’s life at risk should be punished according to law.
Though it is simply Utopian thinking!

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