Friday, October 16, 2009

A Remarkable Poem by the first Ming Emperor of China, Zhu Yuanzhang (born 1328

Here is a remarkable poem written by the first Ming Emperor of China, Zhu Yuanzhang (born 1328), celebrating the life and mission of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him).

Of the Prophet s.a.w and the Emperor 

Since Creation of Universe 
Heaven has already appointed, 
Faith Preaching Giant Saint, 
From West He’s Born,  
To receive Holy Scripture,  
With thirty part Book, 
To guide all creations, 
King of all Kings, 
Leader of Holy Ones,  
With Support from Divine,  
To Protect His Nation,  
ith five daily prayers,  
Silently hope for peace, 
With heart toward Allah, 
Empower the poor ones, 
Save them from calamity, 
See through the Unseen,  
Pulling souls and spirits, 
Away from all wrongdoings,  
Mercy to the World,  
Walking ancient Crowned Path, 
Evil vanquished to One, 
Religion Pure and True, 
The Noble High One. 

Source : Shared by Nash Dftd on Facebook

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