Saturday, October 3, 2009

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful; it’s a really wonderful topic to speak about. In this speech I will discuss two things: my life’s experience and my approach to this topic.Ladies and gentlemen, in 2007, I arrived home from a shop with my mum and my sister, very excited to be going back to Pakistan. I was excited about the packing, the gifts, but most of all because I was going to visit my grandmother after almost three years since I had come to Australia. As I entered the main door of our house and sat down with my mum to talk about our home country, the phone rang. My mum picked up the phone and my uncle’s stressed voice spoke through it; he only wanted to talk to my dad. - o - o - o - o - o -
Everything suddenly turned stressful for me; I wanted to know what was going on. Since my dad wasn’t home my mum persuaded my uncle to tell her what was wrong. After a few moments, tears started running through my mum’s eyes and she hung up... My grandmother had passed away. Just 15 days before I was going to visit her. It was a terrible loss for me and my family; because she was one of the people we loved the most. I was sad, angry and depressed...I didn’t want to talk to my friends. I didn’t even want friends. - o - o - o - o - o - I started to think ‘what is there to call beautiful about life now?’A few days later I was in a plane headed towards a place I used to look forward to but which I now was nervous about. I didn’t want to go there but now I had no choice. We were at the airport and my cousin and my other uncle were there to pick us up and take us home. My cousin was trying to cheer me up and all I could do was smile but I still wasn’t happy. The ride home was very awkward and when we got there everyone was happy to see us and I was happy to see them. The place was completely different without my grandmother and so was everyone in it. The atmosphere was tense and uncomfortable. You could say that she was the life of that house and now that house was dead. - o - o - o - o - o - Then I saw something I hadn’t seen in that house for ages. A baby. It was my cousin’s son; a very cute little boy. He walked up to me and I picked him up. That is when I realised that that’s the thing about life; it takes one thing and offers something else just as precious. I realised life is giving. I realised that even in death, life is beautiful.An average person says that art is beautiful while a person that understands beauty, like an artist says that life is art; a much more powerful art than one that can be shown on a piece of canvas or in a piece of composed music. - o - o - o- o - o - Life is living art; you can see it, hear it, smell it, touch it and taste it all at the same time. It has relations and kinships, tradition and culture, cold and warm, day and night, rough and smooth, soft and hard. It has colours that are beyond human skill to paint, it has textures that no manmade art can portray. Emotions that can be felt rather than just seen. You can say it’s a mysterious, living, 3D canvas, music with an excited, living spirit. Life shows us why people become artists or musicians. Artists want to feel life through what they create; they don’t want to create life, they would rather leave that up to God, but they want to feel life's beauty in a way that not many people can. Music is said to be food for the heart and soul ; emotions can be expressed through it. - o - o - o - o - o - That’s why people love music or become musicians.Still people say that they hate their lives while they’re living a much better life than half of the world. They should understand that there is more to life than cars, houses and money. You value something when you don’t have it. They have a good life but they don’t value it because they have it and they care more about an artificially beautiful life. I mean, whatever happened to the physical beauty of nature. I am not a tree hugging person but I do understand the true beauty of life. People on the other side of the world which are less fortunate than us will have a smile on their face just because they have clean drinking water and we should learn from that. They are thankful for every little thing that life has given them because they see the glass half full. That’s why beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder.Some people complain that life is too short. - o - o - o - o - o - Well it's meant to be that way. That’s what makes it so beautiful. Beautiful things don’t last for very long and that’s why they are beautiful. If you woke up every day with a rainbow outside your window, the rainbow would have no value. If there were dew drops on leaves every second of the day, you wouldn’t stop to look at their delicate twinkling shine and instead walk right past them.If life is short, live it to the full by experiencing its beauty.Yes life is difficult but there is a difference between making it easy and making it beautiful.So if you enjoyed my speech that is proof that life is beautiful. ZEERAK UMER SHAIKH - o - o - o - o - o - Source : My Facebook Friend Zahid Ahmed - o - o - o - o - o - “The speech that my son ZEERAK wrote and presented in a public speaking competition between three NSW high schools and came first.” ....... (

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