Monday, August 23, 2010

A Brutal Mental Block!

Every writer has to encounter the so notorious writer's block during the process of his writing career.  The reasons could be different in each individual case.

Similarly, I am also facing an unmanageable block that I have termed as 'Brutal Mental Block' since I, along with the whole Pakistani nation and the rest of the world, watched the following video that first went on air 4 days after the unbelievable tortured killing of two young boys.

I really don't feel up to posting the video separately on each of my blogs.  You might already have watched it either on Pakistanitelevision channels or on Facebook or YouTube.

In case, that you missed it and simply want to know the depth and reality of my current state of mind, you can watch a low definition video on my following blog : 

Trying to compose myself and hope to be with you very soon.

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