Saturday, September 4, 2010

Amir Khan - Pakistan Back as a Country

Amir Khan: Cricket 'spot-fixing' claims have set Pakistan back as a country


Boxer Amir Khan said today the Pakistan cricket scandal has heaped more misery on an already devastated nation.

The sports star, who travelled to his parents' homeland to help those affected by the flooding, branded the damaging allegations "upsetting", and said the controversy had set the country back even further.
"It's upsetting. I don't know the whole truth behind it but it does just put Pakistan behind a little bit," he told GMTV.
"These floods have put Pakistan behind probably about 10 years or more and now to hear that ... a lot of the people in Pakistan look up to the cricket players and now when you hear that about the cricket players ... it does make their emotions quite sad, so really it does put them behind a little bit."
Khan, 23, is visiting the country with the charity Oxfam which hopes to reach millions of Pakistanis with aid in the next few months.
Describing the flood-ravaged areas, he said: "Emotionally, it made me sad. What I saw, it was a total shock. I saw young kids walking around with nothing ... you could see their whole lives have been destroyed."
While he said British people had raised more than £40 million, he added: "There's still a lot more money they need here, they need a lot more help.
"Like I said, people have lost everything, their whole country's destroyed and they need our help."
The boxing champion, who shot to fame when he won a silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, added: "What these people need is food, clean water, they need someone to help them rebuild their future."

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